Choosing the Right Website Designing Company in Gurgaon: A Step Towards Success

Are you a business owner in Gurgaon looking to establish a strong online presence? In today’s digital age, having a well-designed website is crucial for success. But with so many website designing companies in Gurgaon, how do you choose the right one? This is where we come in. As a highly skilled and experienced digital marketing assistant, I understand the importance of finding the perfect website designing company that can take your business to new heights. With our expertise in copywriting, content writing, and all forms of digital marketing, we can help you make an informed decision. From analyzing your business goals to evaluating the company’s portfolio, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you find a website designing company that aligns with your vision. Let us be your guide on this journey towards success, as we combine SEO and conversation optimization to create a compelling online presence that sets you apart from the competition. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose the right website designing company in Gurgaon and take your business to the next level.

Website Designing Company in Gurgaon

Why choosing the right website designing company is crucial for success

In today’s digital landscape, a website is often the first point of contact between a business and its potential customers. A well-designed website can make a lasting impression, build trust, and ultimately drive conversions. However, choosing the right website designing company is crucial to ensure that your website not only looks visually appealing but also functions seamlessly across all devices and platforms. An amateurish or poorly designed website can have a negative impact on your brand image and drive potential customers away. This is why it is essential to invest in a reputable website designing company that understands your business goals and can translate them into a visually stunning and user-friendly website.

Factors to consider when selecting a website designing company in Gurgaon

With numerous website designing companies in Gurgaon, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your business. However, by considering a few key factors, you can narrow down your options and make an informed decision. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a website designing company in Gurgaon

1. Portfolio evaluation: Assessing the company’s past projects

One of the first steps in selecting a website designing company is to evaluate their portfolio. A good portfolio showcases the company’s capabilities, design aesthetics, and the range of industries they have worked with. Look for websites that align with your industry and business goals. Evaluate the visual appeal, user experience, and functionality of the websites in their portfolio. This will give you a sense of the company’s design expertise and their ability to create websites that resonate with your target audience.

2. Client testimonials and reviews: Gauging the company’s reputation

Client testimonials and reviews offer valuable insights into a website designing company’s reputation and the quality of their work. Look for testimonials on the company’s website or third-party review platforms. Pay attention to the feedback related to customer service, communication, project management, and adherence to deadlines. Positive testimonials and reviews indicate that the company has a track record of delivering projects successfully and meeting client expectations.

3. Expertise and specialization: Matching your requirements with the company’s skills

Different website designing companies have varying areas of expertise and specialization. Some may excel in e-commerce websites, while others may have expertise in creating responsive designs or integrating complex functionalities. Assess your business requirements and find a company that has experience in building websites that align with your specific needs. Look for any certifications or awards that demonstrate the company’s expertise in a particular field. This will ensure that you are working with a team that understands your industry and can provide tailored solutions.

Communication and collaboration: Ensuring smooth interaction with the company

When selecting a website designing company, it is essential to consider their communication and collaboration process. A smooth and transparent communication channel is vital for the success of any project. Look for a company that values effective communication and is responsive to your queries and concerns. They should be willing to listen to your ideas and incorporate them into the design process. Regular updates and progress reports will keep you informed about the development of your website and allow you to provide timely feedback.

Cost and budget considerations: Finding the right balance

Cost is an important factor when selecting a website designing company in Gurgaon. However, it is essential to strike a balance between cost and quality. While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest option, remember that investing in a high-quality website is an investment in the success of your business. Consider the long-term benefits and return on investment that a well-designed website can bring. Request quotes from multiple companies and compare their offerings to find the best value for your budget.

Additional services and support: Assessing post-development assistance

Building a website is not a one-time task; it requires ongoing maintenance and support. When selecting a website designing company, inquire about the additional services they offer. Do they provide website hosting, regular backups, security updates, and technical support? A company that offers comprehensive post-development assistance will save you time and effort in managing your website in the long run. Additionally, consider their expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. A well-optimized website can drive organic traffic and improve your online visibility.

Comparing website designing companies in Gurgaon: Making an informed decision

Once you have evaluated the above factors, it’s time to compare the website designing companies in Gurgaon and make an informed decision. Create a shortlist of companies that meet your criteria and arrange for a consultation or meeting. During the meeting, discuss your business goals, expectations, and timeline. Pay attention to how they understand your requirements and propose solutions. Consider their level of enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism. By comparing multiple options, you can choose the website designing company that not only meets your technical requirements but also aligns with your vision and values.

Conclusion: Taking the first step towards success by choosing the right website designing company in Gurgaon

In today’s digital world, a well-designed website is an essential tool for business success. By choosing the right website designing company in Gurgaon, you can establish a strong online presence that sets you apart from the competition. Consider factors such as portfolio evaluation, client testimonials, expertise and specialization, communication and collaboration, cost and budget considerations, and additional services and support when making your decision. By following a systematic approach and taking the time to research and evaluate your options, you can find a website designing company that aligns with your business goals and helps you achieve online success. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose the right website designing company in Gurgaon and take your business to the next level.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon: A Comprehensive Guide

As businesses continue to shift their focus toward digital channels, the demand for digital marketing services has grown significantly. In Gurgaon, there are plenty of digital marketing agencies to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice.

1. Define Your Goals and Objectives

Before you start your search for a digital marketing agency, it’s important to define your goals and objectives. What are you hoping to achieve with your digital marketing efforts? Do you want to increase your website traffic, generate more leads, or improve your search engine rankings? By defining your goals and objectives upfront, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate different agencies and choose one that can help you achieve your goals.

2. Evaluate Their Experience and Expertise

When choosing a digital marketing agency, it’s important to evaluate their experience and expertise in the industry. Look for an agency that has a proven track record of success and a portfolio of work that demonstrates their skills and expertise. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the agency has experience working with businesses in your industry and with businesses of your size.

Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon

3. Consider Their Services

Digital marketing is a broad field that encompasses a wide range of services. Some agencies specialize in one or two areas, while others offer a full suite of services. When choosing a digital marketing agency, it’s important to consider the services they offer and whether they align with your goals and objectives. Some common services offered by digital marketing agencies include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web design and development

4. Look for a Transparent and Collaborative Approach

Digital marketing is not a one-time project; it’s an ongoing process that requires collaboration between the agency and the client. Look for an agency that takes a transparent and collaborative approach to their work. This means that they should provide regular updates on their progress, be open to feedback and suggestions, and work closely with you to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives.

5. Evaluate Their Communication Skills

Communication is a crucial component of any successful digital marketing campaign. Look for an agency that has strong communication skills and is able to clearly articulate their ideas and strategies. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the agency is responsive and easy to reach, so that you can get the support you need when you need it.

6. Check Their Reviews and Testimonials

Finally, before choosing a digital marketing agency, it’s important to check their reviews and testimonials. Look for agencies that have positive reviews from their clients and that have a track record of delivering results. Additionally, you may want to ask for references or case studies that demonstrate the agency’s ability to achieve results for their clients.

At Grid Technology Solutions, we believe that we offer some of the best digital marketing services in Gurgaon. Our experienced team of digital marketing professionals has helped businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and objectives through our comprehensive suite of services. Whether you’re looking for SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, or any other digital marketing service, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals!

Internet Marketing in 2023

As we enter the year 2023, the world of digital marketing has already undergone significant changes. With advancements in technology, increasing internet penetration, and the growing importance of digital channels, digital marketing has become an essential part of any successful business strategy. In this article, we will take a look at some of the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing that are set to dominate in 2023, particularly in the context of Gurgaon, where businesses are looking for local and specialized services such as performance marketing.

Performance Marketing Agency in Gurgaon: A Growing Need

As businesses continue to invest more in digital marketing, the demand for specialized agencies is increasing. One type of agency that is set to see significant growth in 2023 is the performance marketing agency. These agencies focus on driving measurable results for their clients, such as leads, sales, or website traffic.

If you are a business owner, you may be interested in partnering with a performance marketing agency in Gurgaon to help you achieve your marketing goals. These agencies have a deep understanding of the local market and can help you create a customized strategy that is tailored to your business needs.

When looking for a performance marketing agency in Gurgaon, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable agency with a track record of success. Look for agencies that have experience working with businesses in your industry and have a solid understanding of your target audience. A good performance marketing agency should be able to provide you with a detailed strategy that outlines the tactics they will use to achieve your marketing goals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Performance Marketing

AI and ML have been making waves in the digital marketing world in recent years, and this trend is set to continue in 2023. In the context of performance marketing, AI and ML can help agencies make sense of large amounts of data, allowing them to identify trends and patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. This can help businesses create more personalized marketing campaigns, targeting specific segments of their audience with more relevant and engaging content.

AI and ML can also be used to automate many of the repetitive tasks that marketers have traditionally had to do manually. For example, AI-powered chatbots can provide customer service around the clock, freeing up marketers to focus on more strategic tasks such as developing campaigns and analyzing results.

Social Media Marketing and Performance Marketing

Social media has become an essential part of modern life, and as such, social media marketing has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. In 2023, we can expect to see businesses focusing even more on social media as a way to connect with their audience.

One trend that is set to become increasingly important is influencer marketing. Influencers have large, engaged followings on social media, and performance marketing agencies can partner with them to promote their client’s products or services to their audience. This can be a highly effective way to reach new customers and build brand awareness.

Another trend in social media marketing is the use of stories. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat allow users to share short, ephemeral content that disappears after 24 hours. This can be a great way to showcase behind-the-scenes content or to offer a sneak peek at upcoming products or events. Performance marketing agencies can help businesses create engaging stories that resonate with their audience and drive conversions.

Content Marketing and Performance Marketing

Content marketing has been around for a while, but it remains a critical component of any digital marketing strategy. In 2023, we can expect to see businesses focusing even more on creating high-quality, engaging content that provides value to their audience.

One trend that is set to become increasingly important is interactive content. This could include things like quizzes, surveys, or interactive videos that allow

Effective Online Advertisement and Marketing for a Successful Business

As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses of all sizes are recognizing the importance of online advertising and marketing in reaching and engaging their target audience. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective strategies for online advertising and marketing, particularly in the context of Gurgaon. Also, how partnering with a digital advertising agency in Gurgaon can help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

Why Online Advertising and Marketing?

Online advertising and marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience, regardless of the size of your business or your budget.

With online advertising, you can target your ads to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring that your message is seen by the right people.

Online marketing also allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns, giving you valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

One of the most popular forms of online advertising is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. With PPC advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, making it a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC advertising platforms, allowing you to target your ads to specific keywords and locations.

PPC advertising can be a complex process, requiring in-depth knowledge of keyword research, ad copywriting, and bid management. This is where partnering with a digital advertising agency in Gurgaon can be beneficial.

An experienced agency can help you create effective PPC campaigns that target the right keywords and locations, ensuring that your ads are seen by the right people.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has become an essential part of modern life, and as such, social media advertising has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer powerful advertising tools that allow businesses to target their ads to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Advertising online can be a highly effective way to reach new customers and build brand awareness. However, creating effective social media ads can be challenging, particularly for businesses that are new to the platform.

A digital advertising agency in Gurgaon can help you create engaging social media ads that resonate with your target audience, driving traffic to your website and increasing conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is a long-term strategy that requires a combination of technical optimization, content creation, and link building.

Furthermore, for some SEO can be a complex process, requiring in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms and best practices.

Partnering with a digital advertising agency in Gurgaon can be beneficial, as an experienced agency can help you create a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes technical optimization, content creation, and link building.

Content Marketing

What is Content marketing?

The process of creating valuable, engaging content that provides value to your target audience. Content marketing can take many forms, including blog posts, videos, infographics, and eBooks.

Effective content marketing requires a deep understanding of your target audience and their needs. A digital advertising agency in Gurgaon can help you create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that targets the right keywords and topics, ensuring that your content is seen by the right people.

Partnering with a Digital Advertising Agency in Gurgaon

Partnering with a digital advertising agency in Gurgaon can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. An experienced agency can help you create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes PPC advertising, social media advertising, SEO, and content marketing.

With the help of a digital advertising agency, you can reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions, helping you achieve your marketing goals and grow your business.

The Upcoming Year of Mobile PPC

With the availability of a wide range of mobile devices and their use for accessing internet, every year is seemingly another year of mobile for the web, marketing and advertising community. Past decade has witnessed an exponential growth in the mobile environment in terms of user base as well as functionality. This smartphone space has created an extremely worthwhile platform for advertisers to reach out to their customers wherever they are.

This mobile trend is also influencing the Google AdWords, which is making changes within their system to let advertisers reach their potential customers using mobiles. Whether look around in a crowded train or a local bus, it is common to find almost everyone busy with their phones. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be around 6.1 billion smartphone users worldwide. Users also rely on this platform to search various products and services. Seeing this trend, it can be said that this time is to make the most of mobile PPC.

However, it is necessary for the PPC managers to plan their strategy around this growth and make the most of this revolutionary platform.

In the upcoming years, best PPC management services are expected to focus on a few properties of PPC ads on mobile. Let’s take a look here:

Call only ads or call extensions

Call extensions are quite commonly used in PPC ads. However, the latest in trend is ‘call only’ campaign, which is technically not a call extension, but an entirely different type of campaign. But, it is appropriate for the mobile users.

Call only campaigns will be served on mobile devices that able to make calls. Instead of clicking on the ad to visit a merchant site, users can click to ‘call’ in the ad to directly interact with the advertiser.

Message extensions

Just like call extensions, PPC ads with message extensions will allow users to send a direct text message to the brand. Newly announced by Google, it appears just like call extension.

Making the most of the smartphone features, PPC ads are being more mobile-friendly. Every Pay Per Click Management Company has to consider this shift in advertising media to help their clients generate more traffic via Pay Per Click.

Your Must-Have Guide to Solving Social Media’s Biggest Challenges

Being a marketer on social media is like being a kid in the candy store: you have tons of options, limited money, and you’ll probably spend more time agonizing over your decision than you’ll spend enjoying the results. Social media management is a tricky thing, but solving just a few of the most common social media challenges might just help you achieve a little sweet satisfaction.

Coming Up With a Social Strategy

When it comes to creating a social media marketing strategy, where in the world should we start? The answer is simple: start with who you are. Then figure out how you’re going to deliver that image or mission statement (that’s where you’re branding comes in) and how you’re going to measure the efficacy of that delivery system. Remember:

  • This is only an outline. Things will change.
  • Never lose focus on the “why” – why you’re reaching out to certain people, while you’re using the channels you’re using, why anyone should care about your product or service in the first place.
  • The only results worth talking about are the ones backed up by numbers.

Figuring Out What Works

Speaking of measuring results with numbers, how are you identifying which of your strategies are working and which aren’t? KPI reports and other metrics that measure everything from social media engagement to CTA clickthroughs are invaluable resources. Yes, you want to figure out what you’re doing right, but you also want to know what methods are coming up short so you can shuffle your priorities and reassign your energy – and ad spend – accordingly.

Connecting With Your Audience

Many businesses assume connecting with consumers means talking at them. They tweet more, send out status updates every other hour, and paper the digiverse with more blogs than all their competitors combined, but in the midst of that flurry of activity, they’re sorely neglecting one very important thing: listening. Pay attention to what your audience has to say by reading and responding to comments and making changes based on negative feedback and that connection you’re after will build organically.

Developing Original Content

Some 60 percent of marketers say they create at least one new piece of content every day. That number likely includes blogs, but content also refers to the messages you’re sending out on social media. Too many people treat those quick blurbs as throwaways when in reality they’re opportunities to reinforce your branding and nurture your rapport with consumers. Pay attention to what you’re writing on social media, even if it’s just a lead-in for a link. Be creative, stay on brand, and really exercise your voice – after all, if people are following you, it’s because they want to hear what you have to say.

Implementing a Cohesive Marketing Strategy

Business is really picking up, and you now find yourself managing not only a handful of social media accounts but also a website, a mobile app, an email marketing campaign, a mass text messaging subscription list. It’s exhausting, right? You make your life easier by signing up for a social media management account with a company like Hootsuite and partnering up with an SMS platform like Textpedite,

Finding Your Target Audience

An efficient social media strategy is so much more than just flooding your follower’s news feeds with content. For starters, you have to give people a way to find you and follow you in the first place.

  • Use the custom audience feature while creating Facebook ads to reach people with listed hobbies, life events, and basic stats such as geographic region that indicate they might be interested in your brand
  • Gain attention by piggybacking off of trending Twitter hashtags that are relevant to your brand
  • Make the first move by reaching out to industry influencers and potential consumers with larger followings and starting up a conversation

A whopping 93 percent of marketers currently use social media to achieve their goals. Are you one of them? What challenges are you facing in your quest to conquer the social landscape?

How to Make Paid Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce Website

E-commerce marketing is a powerful tool to building potential customer for your e-commerce website.

In today’s competitive era, without a strategic e-commerce marketing plan your business’s website will fall in among the thousands of other companies selling similar products for similar prices. Marketing strategies like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing, social media marketing can help an e-commerce website to gain number of shoppers.

Here are some paid marketing tactics

1. Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing (SMM) is a process of gaining traffic or customer attention via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram , Pinterest, Youtube and so on. It is most popular and effective paid tool in today’s internet era. Facebook ads, Twitter ads and LinkedIn advertise can drive traffic to your website.

2. Display Marketing: Display marketing or display advertising is a type of advertising that comes in several forms, including banner ad services, rich media, images, audio and video. Online advertising is all about building brand familiarity with your target audience and is a versatile advertising medium in this competitive online space.

3. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a marketing technique to reach consumers directly via email in broadest sense. It is a popular way for businesses to reach potential or current customers. It can be more than just text message, It can be used for sending links directly to people who may have never heard of your business, pop-up ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations and rich media formats.

4. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is when you let other people market your company’s products in return for a percentage of sales that you generate as a result of their efforts.

Good thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest the time & effort to create a product to sell; it relies on being able to track the source of a particular sale. You just provide a unique URL that affiliate marketers use to promote your products. When someone (customer) clicks on that URL, they get taken to your webpage and, if they make a purchase, the affiliate tracking software will attribute that sale to the blogger.

5. Pay-per click advertising / Google AdWords: Paid advertising using Google adwords or Bing ads can be great way to generate clicks and sales to your website. Pay per click ads are shown in search engine networks & display networks. Every time someone clicks on your ad, they get taken to your targeted page and you will be charged a fee for every click.

How to Develop Social Media Optimization Strategy

An introduction to SMO

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of improving brand awareness, product awareness or event by using a number of social networking sites or communities. SMO is similar to SEO but we use social networks instead of search engine. Basically SMO was designed to drive traffic from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.

In today’s era social media can be one of your greatest way to improving your site’s organic search results. Today Social networks are divining millions of visitors to your websites every day. If you are not using social media for your brand or business then you are missing more than 70% of the adult population that has access to the internet according to a study.

A good Social Media Optimization strategy can drive traffic via number of social sites, search engines and shares, effectively leveraging the power of social sharing to gain benefits for your website.

Developing a winning social media optimization strategy & gain profound benefits of social media optimization services for your business can be very difficult because of the relative competition of the field.

There are some essential tips which can improve your SMO Strategy:

  1. Increase Linkability: Linkability is the first step to creating shareable content. For optimizing a website for social media, we need to increase the linkability of the valuable content. Linkability is done by adding specific link buttons to your content, which is a great step to engaging audience.
  2. Create Shareable Content: Content is a critical part of the social sharing experience within social media. Some content is more readily shareable such as infographics and there are numerous ways such as thought pieces, or even simply aggregating content that exists elsewhere into a useful format.
  3. Engaged with Your Audience: Getting engaged with your audience by sharing valuable content with them and liking & sharing the informative content of others. Provide your customers with ease of access to or a direct connect to you via social feeds, find ways to share your experience via social networks and get connected with others. Ask feedback from your customers time to time and ask information to better serve them.
  4. Be Useful Resource: Useful information to keep your audience engaged throughout the piece of content is very essential for social media success. Your audience is the lifeblood of your business, and knowing who they are and what they want is a key to success of social media. Find out what kind of content your audience wants and serve them accordingly.
  5. Research: Research & reanalyse social media strategy on a regular basis. Understanding your audience is the essential step in helping you serve well towards audience’s needs. Audience research reports will help you in better understanding audiences and their interests.At NuGrid Tech We offer the best social media optimization services to driving more and better qualified traffic to your website, using our best technique.

How to Improve Your Online Reputation Management Strategy?

Online Reputation management is the process of monitoring and managing information about an individual or business on the internet space. ORM deals with number of factors like your brand awareness, customer complaints, suppression of negative comment, bad reviews, positive reviews, compliment and recognition of your business.

In today’s Internet era, Reputation Management is very important for every successful Individual, company, etc. to come clean on public probe.

Online reputation management clearly has a big role in a company’s revenue. Poor Online reputation management can damage your company’s sales. So it is very necessary step to make online reputation management strategies for your business.

What can people do to safeguard their online reputations?

To conclude, five essential strategies that sum up what we have covered in this post.

1. Become Well Trusted: According to business experts and business owner trust is the main asset of your business and it is very hard to gain. Make & maintain people trust towards your brand name or business. It is an important component in building and sustaining an authentic brand-consumer relationship.

2. Be Transparent: Be transparent with your action. Businesses that build good relationships with their customers are not only rapidly gaining market share, they’re grabbing up mind and heart by putting buyers in control and enabling them to make better, more appropriate choices.

3. Monitor What People Are Talking About You: Monitor your online reputation time to time, social media monitoring and search presence. Know the reasons why are people saying bad things about you on the Internet, and what can you do about it? Actively ask feedback from your customers and ask for permission to use their information to better serve them.

4. React Quickly and Politely: A prompt and short answer in respect of customer complaint is better than a late reply with more information because it can be beyond unsettling to wake up one day and see defamatory remarks appearing online. You don’t know how difficult is it to erase something negative once it’s online.

5. Be Social: Make brand’s social media profiles and use them regularly. It gives you a better presence online, and helps you control more spots in SERPs. The major social profiles that do well in Google results include: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Be sure to integrate social media profiles on Your Website.

Now it’s time to apply these steps to discipline to your online presence.

How to Reach Past Website Visitors Using Remarketing Campaign in Ad Words

How Google Remarketing Campaign Works

Sometimes it happens that visitor’s visit your website and browses your products and services, where they show interest, but due to your product pricing or for other reasons they leave your website without purchasing the product.

In this situation, remarketing campaign in ad-words plays a major role to reach your Past Buyers/All Visitors/Cart Abandoners who were interested in your product but somehow they do not purchase or complete enquiry form.

Remarketing campaign can track your targeted visitors by placing cookies on your visitor’s browser, when they visit your website.

Setting Up the Remarketing Code:

First of all you need to go to the Shared Library within Google AdWords account and choose to View Audiences.

If you have not setup your remarketing code then you can click on the “Set Up Remarketing” button “……………….”to get snippet of code for your website. This html code needs to be pasted on each page of your website before the closing </body> tags on your source page.

Setting Up New Remarketing List:

Following the next step, for creating a remarketing list, click on the “+ REMARKETING LIST” button and upload the URL where you need to know the list of people who visited the respective webpage. For Example, if you have a Clothing/Shoes/Accessories webpage kindly copy the URL from the browser and paste it on the “Who to add to your list” and Put 30 Days on the “Membership Duration”. Google Adwords would take few days to populate the list for that 30 days Duration. You can only use that Remarketing list for your campaign once the Display User List reaches 100 and Search User List reaches 1000.

Depending on the type of Network where you want to promote Ads, you will either have to select separate Campaigns for Display or Search for better targeting.

Adding the Remarketing List to Campaigns:

For Display:- Create and set up your Campaign with specific geo lacation you would like to target with a specific budget. Create an Adgroup and Go to “Display Network“and Go to “Interest & Remarketing”.

Click + Targeting, Choose your Ad Group and click add targeting selecting Interest & Remarketing. You’ll notice a list of remarketing list that you created earlier with the List size data. You’ll need to select the respective remarketing list that you wish to add for the Campaign.

If you’re looking to hire a PPC Expert kindly click on the recommended ppc packages under Pricing Packages. You can kindly sign up or contact us. Get a quote today!

SEO Practices/Strategy That Don’t Work Now a Days

In 2015, SEO would not be easier for Digital Marketers to optimize their website with recent Google updates, such as Post Panda and Penguin algorithm. Google recently rolled out a “major” algorithmic update (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affects search results in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

In this post we will help you to understand which tactics you should avoid because they just don’t work anymore.

1)    Get more links to rank higher:

In the past, creating back-link was the most important aspect to get higher ranking in the search results without analyzing the theme of the website. Creating a back link still signifies to be an important element in ranking but after introduction of Penguin 2.0 algorithm; it is now important to create quality backlinks rather than going for quantity

2)    Write keyword rich content for better ranking:

Previously somehow it was important that you need to write content with the exact match keywords to get higher ranking in search results for the particular keyword.
But now Google uses latent semantic indexing (LSI). Latent semantic indexing looks at patterns and formation of words and most commonly used words to identify the keywords. LSI also uses synonyms that are related to your keywords.

Google gives importance to user experience, so it is important to optimize your page for users rather than Google bot. Write quality content for users, use the keywords according to requirement, and avoid keywords stuffing.

3)    Build more pages to get more traffic:

People have perception that if you have more number of pages you will get more traffic at your website. Creating thin content just to have more pages does not work at all. You need to make sure quality of content should be up to the mark. Make sure you are focusing on quality of the content, not quantity.

4)    Rank higher to get more traffic:

There is a big misconception that higher rankings mean more search traffic. It isn’t necessary if your site ranking is higher in search results, you would get a huge traffic.

There is couple of reason for this:

i) You are not targeting right keywords related to your fields.
ii) Your Meta description is not appealing to the users and because of that you are not getting higher click through rate.

5)    Fill the title tag with keywords to increase ranking:

People do keyword stuffing within Meta tag just to rank higher in search results for the particular keyword phrases; it is however considered to be a bad practice these days.

So if you are still using these bad practices, it’s time to clean up your SEO strategy and let us know your requirements.

If you’re looking to hire an SEO firm with a recommended SEO packages you can kindly sign up or contact us. Get a quote today!

5 Essential Steps for Social Media Marketing Success

Since Past couple of years, Social media has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for sharing, promoting information and connecting with live audience. With the spread of Social Media, Marketing has become increasingly common and extremely important for promoting businesses on different social media platforms. SMM in short is the process of gaining traffic or customer engagement via different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram , Pinterest, Youtube and so on.

1. Research Your Target Audience: Social Media gives the power to interact with the live audience which also gives the opportunity to interact, engage and promote your product to your target audience. In Addition, it will be easier for the brand to build their reputation and gain referrals. So be more specific and learn as much as possible about your target audience. It is a more effective strategy to be a big fish in a small pool rather than the other way round.

2. Content Strategy: Creating meaningful content is as important as to promote your products; this carries the right information to the right audience. General preference for a social media strategy is to build visual content where you put the right information through an image.

Create an effective content strategy with first knowing who you are and, second, knowing who your audiences are. Brands that create content through consumers, engage with audiences consistently and work towards building a relationship with their audiences without hard selling are the brands that tend to be far more successful in achieving maximum ROI.

3. Social Campaigns: In 2015, Social campaigns soared to great heights for creative marketing. There are so many channels available for brands like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedI. Have a look at the best campaigns so far, organized by channel, and consider what you can learn from the innovative companies behind these initiatives.

4. Social Analytics: Social media is overflowing with rich data and social analytics. A complete Social analytics process is a critical step in the social media marketing, allowing marketers to measure their marketing channel performance and plan the actions they take to execute on their social strategy.

5. Measure Work and Data: Measure or reanalyse your plan and strategy on a regular basis how effective have the social media marketing campaigns been in creating brand awareness and generating revenues?

Use the collected data to refine and adjust the message, communication channels, and promotion strategies. If it is not working, a small modification is often enough to improve it significantly. If unsure, go back to the target audience and ask them what they think.

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