The Upcoming Year of Mobile PPC

With the availability of a wide range of mobile devices and their use for accessing internet, every year is seemingly another year of mobile for the web, marketing and advertising community. Past decade has witnessed an exponential growth in the mobile environment in terms of user base as well as functionality. This smartphone space has created an extremely worthwhile platform for advertisers to reach out to their customers wherever they are.

This mobile trend is also influencing the Google AdWords, which is making changes within their system to let advertisers reach their potential customers using mobiles. Whether look around in a crowded train or a local bus, it is common to find almost everyone busy with their phones. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be around 6.1 billion smartphone users worldwide. Users also rely on this platform to search various products and services. Seeing this trend, it can be said that this time is to make the most of mobile PPC.

However, it is necessary for the PPC managers to plan their strategy around this growth and make the most of this revolutionary platform.

In the upcoming years, best PPC management services are expected to focus on a few properties of PPC ads on mobile. Let’s take a look here:

Call only ads or call extensions

Call extensions are quite commonly used in PPC ads. However, the latest in trend is ‘call only’ campaign, which is technically not a call extension, but an entirely different type of campaign. But, it is appropriate for the mobile users.

Call only campaigns will be served on mobile devices that able to make calls. Instead of clicking on the ad to visit a merchant site, users can click to ‘call’ in the ad to directly interact with the advertiser.

Message extensions

Just like call extensions, PPC ads with message extensions will allow users to send a direct text message to the brand. Newly announced by Google, it appears just like call extension.

Making the most of the smartphone features, PPC ads are being more mobile-friendly. Every Pay Per Click Management Company has to consider this shift in advertising media to help their clients generate more traffic via Pay Per Click.