Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Smartly Planned Explainer Videos services

Explainer Videos are a brand-new yet the most effective promotional style to summarize your brand, your products, and services pretty well to the prospective customer. If you also think it’s time to elevate your brand and get recognized among the top-rated and professional companies in the market. Delay no more. Hire Grid Technology Solutions, where we merge your needs with our skills.

Our creative teams plan, structure, and produce a quality explainer video that leaves no stone unturned to garner the limelight among the audience that’s precious to your business.

Grid Technology Solutions is always here for the rescue, whether you run an online business or want to spread awareness of your brand or profession.

What are Explainer Videos Exactly?

Explainer videos help a content publisher/brand or company to illustrate their thoughts, ideas, and vision precisely and let a viewer consume information in less than 2 minutes without any confusion. Visual content raises the expectancy that your brand promotion is more likely to be watched by viewers; thus, explainer videos prove to be the best promotional method.

Here’s a Quick Glimpse of the Types of Explainer Videos To Choose

2 D Character Animation

2 D character animation is the most commonly opted choice in which 2D characters are merged with scenes to form a story featuring whatever has been asked by the clients.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is the most convenient method to consume content. Countless characters and drawing featured on a whiteboard allows you to explain your products/services and vision in-depth. 


Live-action explainer videos are sometimes recorded on the spot or inside the studio to form an explanatory story that touches people’s emotions. Animation or creativity is also possible.


Typography videos will portray your message with some textual creativity. In general, they are a blend of animation done with text for a unique kind of promotion.


The screencast is the handpicked explainer video variety for software companies or online services providers. The video covers voice by a professional vocalist and editing by an expert video editor.

Customized Selection

Customized explainer videos alternatives are also available. After all, there are no boundaries on visual content, then why limit yourself? Ask for more creative insight at Nugridtech.com.  

Why Explainer Videos by Grid Technology Solutions?

 Explainer videos must be short, descriptive, and engaging to set an impression that lasts forever in the customer’s vision. But Grid Technology Solutions prides itself in being a leading video creator because we master the art of how to create an explainer video that excites, entertains, and compels a user to take action. To date, we have satisfied innumerable clients with our impeccable video editing and designing skills. Our explainer video comprises the given traits –

Quality Story

Without a quality story, an explainer video will struggle to stand out. Therefore before editing a video, we create an impressive script that empowers a video through crisp, short, and self-describing lines. 

Well Structured Plan

Which character will do what? Which visual will arrive when? What would be the proper visual as per the planned theme? Everything is strictly monitored during video editing.

Attention-Grabbing Visuals

Attention-grabbing visuals are a must, so we make sure that every visual looks unique, high quality, and activities are also smooth.

Reflection of Your Brand

Video content will carry a glare of your brand so that it visually speaks about your brand without any special introduction.

Hidden Call to Action That Works

We smartly inject a call to action in explaining video content to ensure your business goals are achieved alongside while supplying information to the audience.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away for the world-class standard explainer videos services.

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