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Internet Marketing in 2017


Today’s digital world never slows down. So, marketers have to pull their sleeves to match the pace. As the year 2016 has gone, the industry is about to experience some changes again and marketers need to prepare themselves for 2017.

Internet marketing is the field that is dominated by those with foresight to plan ahead, anticipate changes and embrace the change for tremendous growth. As a marketer, you have to take note of these changes and prepare yourself for them for being competitive in the industry. You may not need to follow all of them, but be aware of their existence for planning a robust strategy.

Let’s take a look at the internet marketing trends in 2017:

Augmented reality is going to win

It is likely that you would have experienced Pokemon Go. It took off radically, earning huge revenue. The app left a remarkable impact on the online marketing community, compelling them to revise their marketing strategy. The app’s success clearly shows that users are ready to experience augmented reality (AR), and marketing community has a new path to taste success. Who knows if your brand comes out with AR games to capitalize on its potential?

Data visualisation and analysis

As a marketer, you can’t live without data analysis and evaluation. You need quantitative information to keep a close watch on the customer behaviour, and what exactly influence their decision the most. However, data analysts are constantly exposed to numerous problems interpreting the data. Thankfully, the technology nowadays is more inclined towards this “interpretation” part and there are dozens of tools already made available for the marketing community. Newer technology will be more sophisticated with the growing data analysis needs, and will change the internet marketing experience.

Live video streaming

The expectations of social media users are increasing like never before, as they now demand more in-the-moment content. Owing to the faster internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, live video has become the new trend. Backing this further is the availability of new apps and platforms that offer live streaming functionality. Live video is gaining more popularity and probably 2017 will be the year, when it will take off completely.

Mobile marketing

Mobile has a great impact on search engine marketing, further facilitated by Google that gave more preference to mobile users. However, there is still a large base of customers making use of desktops. So, a better vision could be treating mobile platform as a multi channel strategy, not completely chucking out the desktop.

Immersive experience

Users want something new always, and hence things like augmented reality and virtual reality entice them a lot. Brands offering 360 videos to make users feel like they are actually a part of it can work wonders. This is basically the key to provide them a level of interaction in way that makes them feel if they are a part of something bigger and marvellous.

Dense content

At the practical level, content marketing is something that you can’t keep your eyes off from. Businesses are more into using a strategic approach in providing an interactive content to their customers, which can also include infographics. Content is an integral part that you need to pay attention to.



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